Our aims

Travel outside the M25 and mod music becomes scarce apart from a few local bands slogging their guts out for little reward. We aim to change this and will hire local bands to start the evening and then a national or international band as the headline act. Obviously there will be DJs and beverages in between!
This will not be cheap and at the moment I am personally underwriting every gig and all profits will go to charity. At least 70% to Teenage Cancer Trust [it will be added to the Reading MOTM kitty]. The rest will go to TCT or to any urgent local charitable need. There will be costs in year 1 to set up an office etc. This is a one off cost. The profit is to be the overall income minus costs for the year - not on a gig by gig basis.
Please let me know which bands you would like to see and consider if you are willing to pay enough to get the very best to come to this area.
It is hoped that Hit'n'Run Records will put out a live album +/-  single on vinyl and CD of each band [including support acts]. These will be realistically priced and profits as above to charity. Please note the bands are going to be paid for these gigs and records which is very reasonable - so there will be higher costs than MOTM when they play for nowt! It does NOT mean the organisers are making any cash......
We are a  :
Mod soul beat music club | The House of Bamboo | Reading....South East soul mecca!
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